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Stemers emphasizes on fun ways to teach math. Kids overcome learning gaps and learn new skills to stay ahead.


Our classes cover areas like reading, writing, language, vocabulary and spelling.


Coding is a life skill. We enable kids with problem solving techniques with our engaging games & projects-based Coding program.


Leaders are often excellent communicators. Our public speaking programs are fun and engaging ways to bring this talent out of every child.

Benefits of our virtual classes for kids

Is online learning useful?

Stemers is an online learning program for students specializing on STEM subjects. Our research tells us that online learning is useful supplement for schools because students get one-on-one interaction with teachers to get all their doubts resolved.

Building Confidence

Our classes are great for building confidence in students before they start a new school year as they are encouraged to learn new things outside the restrictions of a school curriculum. Participating in new activities as solo or in a group setting also boosts their confidence.

No Commute

With a device and internet connection, your child is ready to excel in our program. There is no driving required by parents, as home becomes your child’s classroom. Our Virtual Sessions are conducted during the school hours during summer break making it easy for both parents and students.

Hands-on Training

Hands-on training is an essential feature of Stemers as it breaks the constant screen exposure for children. They are encouraged to use paper and pencil to draw, write and make crafts which improves their ability to work outside of a screen as well as promote off-screen time.

Proactive & Progressive

We focus on correcting skill gaps that students have as they move through traditional grade levels in school. We are able to identify specific areas that your child needs additional help with from prior grade levels to facilitate the building of a strong foundation and promote advancement during the summer time.

Learning Teamwork

Traditional tutoring or supplemental educational programs don't emphasize on teamwork. So peer learning stops for children who are already isolated in the summer break due to lack of social interactions outside school. We provide a space where students can learn from peers and grow.

Hassle Free

Classes are designed to be able to be taken by students with zero parental involvement. Even in younger grades, teachers are able to guide students through each lesson without needing a parent to facilitate or assist. This aspect of the program helps to build independence and confidence in our students. Of course, though, we welcome parents to join class if desired!

Readiness For New School Year

Our curriculum is centered around standards that students will learn and be assessed on in their daily, traditional schools. By attending our summer camps, students will be better prepared to start a new school year by overcoming the summer learning loss.

Self Motivation

Our ultimate goal is to improve the skills and abilities necessary for success beyond grade school. Developing these reading, writing, math, computer and testing skills facilitates achievement of academic success, fosters the desire to be a life-long learner, and promotes the development of high personal and academic goals.

Our experts have something to tell you

Greetings! It is an honor and a privilege to be entrusted with the education of our beloved Stemers students. Throughout my career, I have found that the students who are given the opportunities to accelerate through subject matter and experience coding classes are best prepared for their academic and professional futures. Here’s why:

Acceleration is critical in order for students to get into top colleges. College applicants who have demonstrated scholarly achievements resulting from acceleration outshine their competitors during the college admissions selection process. These students possess the greatest potential for further academic success in the eyes of college administrators who are looking for students who best represent them, and accelerated students do!

Amanda C, MA English, BA Behavioral Science


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Up to 10 Students Per Session

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